Tuesday, September 26, 2006



Friday, went to Coleshill,
Didn’t do anything (on my PowerPoint module) as I was taking photo`s for some of the students to use on their folder`s , to hold their coursework. Plus I was setting up laptops for other students.

Saturday, we went to Cardiff International Airport, to pick up my partners mum, she has been to Belalamedena, to visit a friend.

Sunday, went, with my nephew, to the cinema to see “Garfield 2 “ not my “cup of tea” after all the previews about this film, I thought it was going to be quite funny, in parts, but I didn’t, or Jason (11) find it funny at all.

Monday, was International ATAXIA Awareness Day.

Ataxia South Wales, had awareness, and collection tins, at ASDA Llanelli (in their Foyer) Asda announced our presence over the shop tannoy, a few times. A reporter from Llanelli star (newspaper) came for an interview and take pics. WOO HOO.

In the afternoon, my niece and I went around Llanelli for some shopping, and over to TESCO for lunch and around the shops at Trostre.

I have been putting up more posters about my Digital Story, tonight BBC 2W @ 9.55pm September 26th

DON’T FORGET !!!!!!!!!

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