Saturday, September 30, 2006



Friday, What a day!!

My day at the Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli.
Wait for the bus (usually 8.20 ish am) waited , waited, at 9.00 rang the centre, they found out the driver (not the usuall one) had got lost!!, 9.20am ,still waiting rang a few friends (who where going as well) one was getting on before me was Still in the House. Rang another (who gets on ,just before the centre, to warn him, it might be late) THE BUS TURNS UP WITH ME!! He has been lost on country lanes after picking up the first client.
Then we get to (West) of Carmarthen, we are “crawling” in a traffic jam, because of roadworks, then some more roadworks, as they are building a new TESCO EXTRA in Carmarthen (opens 1st November 2006). Eventually get to centre at 11.15am (some people are sitting down ready for lunch at 12.00!!!)

No time to start anything on the powerpoint module, the tutor wants me to help someone with a “Thank You “ card, I need to give out the photos , I took last week.
Plus the tutor has asked if the WEA can use my Digital Story (from TV) to show other students. I explained that it was OK but I will get permission from the BBC first. ( I have to do this for a number of organisations) .
I got a lot of congratulations, on my DS, as a lot of clients and staff saw ME on TV.

Another friend of mine, was waiting for me, to give him advice on his purchase of a new computer.
The journey home, was started a few minutes later than usual, when we got to Carmarthen we were in “traffic” jams again, by the time I got home it was 4.05pm (instead of 3.10pm),
Glad to get home for a rest, less rushing about !!!

can you email me at aardvark662 @hotmail. com please? thanks
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