Monday, October 23, 2006



Friday, WOOHOO, managed to do a bit of my computer course, (will have to study more, at home, to make sure it is clear in my mind, (MIND, MIND HAVE I GOT SOME SOMEWHERE !!!)

Saturday, I spent the day “browsing” the net, for various things, one of which was those “Large BALLOON” tyres to fit to a wheelchair, to enable it to go on soft ground or sand (beach) one website that does these tyres is at .
When I get a pair, we will have to make sure there is enough room for them in the new car which we get ,next March, through Motability .
So far we like the FIAT Doblo, Volkswagon TOURAN and VW Transporter, FORD Focus C-MAX ??????

Sunday, went to a Car boot sale, in Carmarthen showground, most is under cover, not that it was raining, in the morning. A lot of people had a lot of “old TAT” on offer (good job we were just looking.

On the way out, a butcher was selling fresh meat, we bought some pre-packed BACON , and we were looking forward to BACON sandwiches for supper. When we started to grill them later on, we noticed that they were SMOKED BACON, not our cup of tea, and we had bought about 6lbs for the freezer, NOT so much of good purchase, now.

The “Western Mail” newspaper has 2 for 1 Holiday offer, for its readers. They look very good prices and flights go from Cardiff.
There is a resort/hotel in Lanzarote, GALEON PLAYA, Which we stayed in at the beginning of this year. It is in Costa Teguise, and is a fairly modern resort, so as such there are NO barrierers for wheelchairs.

A film that has been “recommended” as a must see is “The Gaurdian” I now have to see which cinema has it showing Cardigan , Swansea or Bridgend , hopefully I can get to see this film as soon as possible, or even this week..

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