Saturday, October 28, 2006



Sunday evening, my internet was going very erratic!!! It was very slow and disconnecting.
Monday it seemed to get worse, but did connect, occasionally!!!
Tuesday, I went for a spin in “Stormy” (around the country lanes, had to pull in for a lorry, went into the “very muddy” verge, (had to wash the mud off the wheels, before he could come in the house !!!!!!. The internet is now “not displaying any thing, tried all the usual things ( system restore, defrag, virus and adware scans), to no avail.

Wednesday, had a dentist appointment @ 9 am, in Carmarthen, teeth are very good, check up in 3 months. Then went to pick up Jason (nephew) then went to Bridgend (McArthur Glen) cinema. Plenty of choice of films, 9 screens.
I have been recommended “The Gaurdian” and this is what I wanted to see. It stars Kevin Costner as a US Coast Guard instructor tutoring a class of “rescue swimmers” (main emphasise on the “best”, played by Ashton Kutcher,
A quick look, at the computer, internet not working, A “major” think over this one
I hope a virus hasn’t done any damage. Perhaps a reinstall of the modem, if that dosent work, the last resort a reinstall of windows XP ( not something I “really” want to do, but if necessary it will have to be done. (when I have time , on the week end)

Thursday, went to cinema in Swansea. Saw “Hoodwinked” NOT A VERY GOOD FILM AT ALL, all the clips they use, in the trailers (to make it look good) are from the first 5 minutes, from then on it goes downhill fast!! When Little Red Riding Hood started singing “cabaret” style, I thought “OH MY GOD” , this is the theme for the rest of the film!!! Even Jason (11) said that the film “was not good” and was “bored”.
The cinema itself is a bit outdated, the wheelchair spaces, in the auditorium are “just inside” the door and seem part of the corridor, the nearest seat (to the right) is at “arms length”, so you seem to not to be “part of the crowd”.

Friday, went to Coleshill, but as its “Half-Term” there was no computer class!!! (so a bit of “a breather” for me. When I got home, it was time to try and sort out the computer, tried a few things, got it the internet working to get m e-mails, then it went hay-wire again, a major re-think tomorrow,.
1 e-mail was from a website, saying that they will acknowledge a travel item (regarding wheelies/disabililty, and if published they will pay accordingly, PLUS, I have got an application form from TUI (Thomson Travel) to write/review hotel/resorts for travelling for informing other disabled travellers.
These have come about after me sending “this idea” to various travel companies/magazines, this I am going to do again to get more interest in this !!!!.

A second (successful), meeting of “THE SOUTH WALES ATAXIA” (I am a committee member) will take place next Wednesday evening. More details contact or go to

Now, to see to my unruly computer !!!!!
By the look of it, it seems to work—reloaded SP2 and deleted of “rubbish”

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