Tuesday, October 31, 2006



OK, How many FORGOT to alter their clocks??

Sunday, We were up and about fairly early, so we decided to go to Carew Car Boot Sale, (I haven’t been to Carew Market for about 15 years, it has changed a lot)

I managed to buy a new (Magnetic Bracelet) “BIOFLOW” and a Bioflow water conditioner (to reduce hard water/lime scale).

Jason (11) thought a Sunday market, was going to be boring, but his mind soon changed when he found a video, he has found hard to get,, for 50p, he was “into” bargains then, he found a SIMS PC , box set, for £5 (bargain as it has been £30 in the shops).

Monday, Had to ring the chemist, as my “Azilect” tablets had run out. These have been prescribed to reduce/stop my intention tremors (the Doctor told me not to forget to take them as they will help me, and they are very expensive (£75 per month !!!!!)

Went shopping to Swansea Tesco Extra. Went in a few clothes shops, River Island (for trousers for me) but the lift up stairs, to the men’s section, was out of order. Got a few (travel) books from “Borders” this shop is a lot “bigger” than I thought, its front does not
Do justice to how far back the shop floor goes rearwards, and they have a coffee shop up stairs (didn’t look for a lift, went to “NEXT”)

On the way, I over heard a young boy (7 or 8) say “that’s COOL, he (ME) can sit down and “whiz” down the pavements . I laughed, to myself, “the things young ones say”

On the way back, we went to the NEW TESCO PETOL STATION in Carmarthen, WOOHOO WOOHOO (SAD 40 year old!!) Very smart, only been open an hour when we got there @ 6pm, so all was spotless and clean. It was due to open earlier in the day, but they had a few teething troubles. Their New shop opens very soon (cant wait!!)

I have been looking into those large “balloon tyres”, to fit on a wheelchair, to allow it to go on soft ground- sand etc, they are called “FATSO” (not politically correct) from colours wheelchairs http://www.colourswheelchair.com/products/prod_fatso.htm

On Wednesday evening there is a meeting of South Wales Ataxia, in Swansea

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