Monday, November 06, 2006



When ever I switch on, my main computer, it has gone back to the beginning, so all the information, I have inputted, has been lost AGAIN !!!!!

It is getting very close to “throwing out of the window” time. But I will not be beaten.

Yesterday, I went down the village, in “Stormy” , to get the Saturday Western Mail (it has the Local TV guide) which we dint pick up on the day. Posted back, a form to TUI UK (Thomson Holidays Travel) to “comment on Disability travel issues”, so fingers crossed.

The Ataxia UK annual conference, is taking place, this weekend. I will not be able to attend, due to prior commitments (nephews 12th birthday) but my Digital Story is to be shown, to all attending.

Just been for a spin in “stormy” around the block.

It's great that the Digital Story you made is being shown at the Conference Alan. That'll be an amazing screening! Good luck with fixing your computer too!
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