Thursday, November 09, 2006



Got the computer under, some sort of control, Just start a new account (windows XP)and rename the faulty one, as “FAULTY”, so I know which one to avoid !!. All I have to do now, is get everything, back as I am used to. (reinstall a few “drivers” to make things work, printer, scanner-camera etc).

As it was “mid-week” the local newspaper, “Carmarthen Journal” was in the shops, so a spin (in STORMY) was “called for”. On the return journey, within a few hundred yards of the house, it started to get damp and drizzly, But NOT enough to put a coat on, plus I would be home soon enough.

Looking at various websites, at cheap, flights, there is plenty of bargains to be had. The hotels (usually) have their own website, where you can book direct with them. But ALWAYS make sure you investigate, the destination, thoroughly , before you make a final decision. (No wonder my computer course has taken a back seat !!!)

Last night (Wednesday) I went to the cinema in Cardigan to see “An Inconvenient Truth” A very informative film, all about “THE GLOBAL WARMING and its EFFECTS. As it has been said in the press, “This Film should be shown as part of the school Curriculum”. I was aware , of Global Warming and its consequences, BUT even I have “LEARNED” that the out come of daily living has an effect on our future, You could say “Its SCAREY” to think that we are “meddling with the future for generations to come.

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