Wednesday, November 29, 2006



What a wonderful, start to the morning. I submitted, a review, of the cinema I go to on a regular basis to this website (scroll down the notice board section ) I (hopefully) will be submitting more items, like this, on places I visit in Wales and abroad !!
Any suggestions, of places to go on a “places to visit” list , will be compiled, for future reference.

I have noticed that via the BBC Ouch website that the next “Beyond Boundaries / Ecuador” has an age restriction of 16-21, WHY? Also they seem to have left it fairly late, for the announcement of this information ? considering the time span “to get things organised”

Anyway, Back to my “going through the atlas and tourist guides” to see where to visit.

But in this weather (strong wind and rain) I am NOT going anywhere (even though “SKIN” is WATERPROOF)

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