Monday, November 13, 2006



Friday, You know where I went , Coleshill Social Centre.
I didn’t get to do any (computer) work, as a “Speech and Language Therapist” came to visit me. She is based in Llanelli hospital, so it is easy for her to “pop” over to Coleshill, (only a couple of miles journey). After all the initial “Talk”, Discussing my problems with “choking and slow, slurred speech” we have set up another appointment in a fortnight.

Saturday, went to pick-up my nephew (Jason) to go to the cinema, in Cardigan (
We went to see “BARNYARD” (
He then came home to stay with us, as tomorrow,

SUNDAY, we went to ( part of ) to go 10 pin Bowling. I was concerned about doing this, while in “Loamie” but the access (for a wheelchair) was fine, the actual bowling was very good, Last time I went there, was about 15 years ago, and before that the place was a busy night club (before it was converted) this was just after I left school, some 24 years ago !!!!!. After this we went to Whitland, to have, a late Sunday lunch. We went to Roadhouse Resturant ( (by the look of it, website “not complete) very new, clean and fairly quite. The only thing I have a small “niggle” is one of the double doors, at the entrance, was locked, so we had to ask for it to be unlocked, so I could go in, I had to wait outside, on the approach ramp (not ideal!) once inside everything was fine.
I remember this was just “a greasy spoon” in an old coach !, so much has changed!!

went to the Roadhouse Resturant at Whitland and was not impressed at all. Ordered a Ploughmans which came with one slice of ham and NO cheese. Asked for cheese and got nasty plastic pre-bagged synthetic stuff. Sent it back saying not to bother. Asked for a discount and the girl there who is the owners wife refused as cheese was offered!!! Not happy with attitudes at all. Enjoy your blog, keep it up. Amy x
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