Thursday, November 30, 2006



OK, this might sound “a bit like an Grumpy old man, syndrome” but these things need to be done.
Last night, I went to the new TESCO EXTRA, in Carmarthen. After shopping I went to have a wee. The door to the disabled toilet has NO “grab rail”, to unable you to close it (easily)!! (from a wheelchair)
I noted this upon my first (and second) visit, during its first week open, I thought, Its just one of those things that they haven’t got around to finishing. But 2 weeks on, and it hasn’t been done, So I made a complaint via customer services. My complaint was logged and inputted into the system, so I can track its progress.
I am not the only complainant!!, they have had !! It was well publicised ( in the local press) , that the store opened with NO mobility shopping cart present ( which 1 cart was “hurriedly” provided, a few days latter) with more to come ?? also concern was highlighted over the provision of wheelchairs (for shoppers use) which is to be addressed ASAP. And their “FREE” bus service, to the store , from the town, which is NOT wheelchair accessible ????.
Otherwise not a bad store (once they sort out some of the teething problems) (the LIFT to the CAFÉ “out of order, on my first visit!!)

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