Thursday, December 14, 2006



Friday, (you know the procedure!!) I had a visit from the speech and language therapist, she went through some tongue exercises, that I will do over the Christmas break, I am due to see her at the end of January (after my trip to Lanzarote).

Saturday, we went to, test drive, the Volkswagon Touran, very nice, very roomy inside and comfortable. Worth the £700 initial (advance payment), via motability. On the way back we went into Haverfordwest, to test drive the Ford Focus C-max, another nice car. The only small concern I have is the floor of the boot has a large “lip” when you open the tail gate. The Touran is totally flat (plus more room).

Went to cinema, on Sunday, to see “Driving Lessons” Typical, when I got home (doing a bit of catching up on Sunday evening television) the film was advertised, to be shown, on TV, next week!!

Dentist Monday afternoon, to see about this toothache, before Christmas and my trip to Lanzarote, they gave me Antibiotics to take and return on Wednesday.

Tuesday, a council official and a local builder, came to visit me, to see how they can “correct” the “Disability Facilities Grant”, that we`ve had done extremely badly. Now, it seems “they realise that my concerns”, that I have been saying, for a long time, and it now will take a lot , of work and expense, to put right.

Back to the dentist, Wednesday, Have a tooth out. Before my appointment, we had lunch in wetherspoons Carmarthen . Carmarthen isn’t the best place to go in a wheelchair, as it is very hilly and a very old town.

Today is the Christmas lunch at Coleshill Social centre, but I am not going, as my gum is a bit sore (wonder why??)

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