Monday, December 18, 2006




I had a tooth out, so didn’t go to Coleshill, this week. So went for a spin to Llanelli, with Elaine. She was going to the hospital, for a check up and remove the stitches, after her knee operation.
We then had a quick look around Trostre shops and Tesco
.Went in to Carmarthen, on Saturday morning, to see the local Food exhibition, in Nott Square and Civic Hall. Very busy, all come from local producers, it was very interesting
The inside stalls (Civic Hall) was down stairs, but they have a stair lift, for wheelchairs, bit like going on a “slow fair ride”.

I have a “SECRET” to keep (for now) all I am going to say, is some words for you to put together—BBC, opportunity, ??????????

It was very cold, on Sunday, but “braved it” ( Being in a wheelchair, you feel the cold more, as your legs don’t get the movement, Most people don’t realise this “OBIVOUS” thing!!) went to the Haverfordwest, Sunday (?!) market, not so busy as I thought it would be?????.
Did buy a book, about “WEB DESIGN”. The more information, the better, I think, so when I have time, (when there are more than 24 hours in the day) I will look into this. For now I will send any (travel) reviews to various websites. And a volume by John Simpson (the BBC reporter).
Then went up to Tesco, to warm up and have a cup of tea, then quick whip around the store, very busy, here.

Only 3 weeks to go until I go to Lanzarote (escape this dreary weather, top up the tan, update the “brain information”

Got to say “BEST WISHES” to everyone, who I know, knows me, reads this, (enemies)and FRIENDS.

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