Friday, December 29, 2006



Christmas day, was spent with Elaine, Melanie and Jason (12). Jason had a Nintendo DS Lite, so he was fairly quite for the day.

I bought myself, OLYMPUS, a high quality, voice recorder, for taking notes, on my travel, plus recording any interviews, I have to make, or meetings, I attend. I just have to spend some time “getting the hang” of this new device, it is very small (like a small mobile telephone) records 4 levels of excellent quality and is computer
During the week, it has been, the usual, watching TV, visiting family and (most importantly) investigating the travel options for the coming year.

Managed to visit the cinema, about mid-week. Saw Flushed Away Very funny film from the Ardman stable.

A very tiring day was booked for Thursday at The Millenium Stadium in Cardiff.
Usually the home of major RUGBY matches, as well as other large events, was transformed into a indoor theme park “Funderworld”. A very impressive sight, and all indoors. I will be uploading a short film clip, of it, to YouTube very soon. No doubt a review of my visit, may, appear on (notice board). Now to go and download, the many, photos and start renaming them, for easy identification, read and answer emails

No Coleshill this week, it is shut over the holiday, I forgot, and rang the bus driver, at home, to check he would pick me up OPPS !!!!!

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