Wednesday, January 17, 2007


BUSY, BUSY, mind burning, BUSY

Still busy, busy, busy.(writing reviews, to submit)

Our holiday to Hyde Park Lane Bungalows, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, was fabulous, great weather (although a bit windy) chilly at night.

The resort was excellent for me, in the wheelchair, I could get about everywhere under my own steam!! I could even go to the promenade / beach (with a little assistance).

We toured the island, in a hire car. (there are plenty of buses and taxis).
Went to the Timanfaya Park to see the VOLCANOES. Comprising bus tour, hot water geyser, hot lava burning grass, and cooking food (for the restaurant)
Went on a CAMEL ride , at the base of the volcanoes.

Travelled South, to go for a Submarine dive in Peurto Calero, an excellent experience, and photo opportunity. (and the Submarine is YELLOW !!) afterwards they give you a certificate of your voyage, and you can purchase a photo, of you in front of the submarine.

Visited Playa Blanca (furthest point South) for a quick tour, from here you can catch a ferry over to the next island, Fuerteventura or even go for a glass bottomed boat ride (I didn’t have time to try these!)

We travelled North to Mirador del Rio, with a fantastic view point, on a mountain, over looking the island or La Graciosa.

All this and trying to relax in the sun, (and think about our next trip to Fuengirola, (March 2007) CANT WAIT!!!!
Already been browsing holiday brochures and watching travel programmes, on TV.
*** Cape Verde *** looks very inviting, although it is quite expensive, as it is an up and coming travel destination.

I have a few clips up on youtube, and will try and get some photos up on-line,

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