Monday, January 15, 2007



Quick update.

Melanie (niece) has passed her, driving test (last Tuesday) her third attempt.

Jason (nephew) has been having toothache, most of last week. He went to the dentist, today, to have three teeth removed. This was done under a general anaesthetic, as his neurofibromatosis has a large a growth on his left cheek (which may need surgery to remove it, in the near future) and this is a very sensitive area.

We have got our car (Ford Fusion) back, after the accident damage has been repaired. We went to start the courtesy car, but the electronic key would not work, the garage told us how to get in the car manually but it would not start, they brought our car out, on a trailer and started theirs and took it away on the trailer.

We then went to visit Jason and go to Tesco to get some milk as we were running low, as we haven’t stocked up before the holiday. I have still have to read though all the emails, that I have had while away (over 25!!) still haven’t had time to download any of the holiday photos (or write any travel reviews, for various websites)

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