Monday, January 29, 2007



It looks, as if I have SO much to do, My posts here are “slowing down”

Friday, I went to “school” Time for me to catch-up and chat to friends (as I have been in for a while), My speech Therapist came, very impressed with my progress (even though I haven’t had time to do any of the Tongue exercises, she set me, before xmas, (this I ammitted to !!).
The computer tutor told us we have an exam in a few weeks, SO I HAD BETTER MAKE TIME TO DO SOME STUDIES !!!!

Saturday, we went to Haverfordwest, shopping. Went to Victoria Bookshop, got in but two thirds of the shop is inaccessible, due to steps dividing it into three levels !! (Email/letters of complaint are to be sent to everyone concerned)
Up to TESCO for a cup of tea and a some Food shopping. We then went to pick-up Jason (nephew), from St.Clears who was staying with us for the night.

Sunday, returned Jason home, on our way to Llanelli, for the Ataxia South Wales meeting, here we discussed various items for fundraising and events we can hold or attend, over the coming year.

Today (Monday) I have got the usual “very busy” day, to organise, as well as “research” my “big” SECRET.
On top, of the long list, of my things to do, I now have to work out a train journey to Cardiff, with Jason, during half-term. A trip to Cardiff Airport (for information, to compile a travel review), look in to getting to Birmingham NEC, next month (for A SECRET meeting) either by car or train (train time tables are very confusing, as to long journey, times, connections, different train companies????????)

During my investigations, I have become aware that the, resort, in TUNISIA, of Port el Kantaoui, the marina is paved with “cobble stones” Another “challenge, for me to overcome !!! ( but it is only one, small, district, that we can visit/avoid !!)
I am stuck on a name, for my book, very high on my list (and one that I like) is –WHEELIE POSITIVE—but any suggestions will be very welcome.

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