Sunday, January 21, 2007


Mind "Overload"

Mind working overtime, again !!!!!! (so much so, that, my sleep is a bit disturbed)
Lots to go through the “grey matter” (so it takes a bit longer for me!)

Investigating places to visit, in Fuengirola (Costa del Sol) for when we go in March. (Not that we`re going to do so much exploring as in Lanzarote, it’s a bigger place, and a “GOOD” excuse, to go back!!)
Any ideas, from people who have already been, would be very welcome.

Got to work out a route (and times) of trains, for a trip to the NEC, Birmingham, in early March. (for a meeting, in early March).

Got a lot of, computer files, to check and back-up, for future reference (when researching “my book”).

Havent been to the cinema for a while, NO TIME. (withdrawal symptoms to be encountered)

The NEW car, looks like it will be a Volkwagon, TOURAN. The “Motability” price has dropped, all we have to do is test drive the 1.6 litre model, to make sure its powerful enough (last test drive was in a 2.0litre turbo diesel “sport”, was very good, but out of our “range”)

Next Ataxia South Wales, Meeting, is to take place on Sunday 28th January at Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli.

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