Monday, April 02, 2007


Guess what--Busy, Busy, Busy

It is getting, so busy, that I haven’t had time, to keep up-to-date with, this BLOG.

Went on a “Day Adventure” to Bristol. On the train from Carmarthen, went with Jason (nephew, 12).
Journey took 2 and a half to 3 hours, with a change at Newport.

Temple Mead Station, Bristol is very big, but the staff are very pleasant. The member of staff, that we had at the station, was very good, he assisted us through the station, asked us where we were going and advised us about how to go about our stay, he even “hailed” a taxi for us. We went to “Showcase” cinema in Avon Meads, Bristol. We saw “Norbit” starring Eddie Murphy
While we waited, for the film to start, we went to “McDonalds” for some lunch.
Returning back to, the station (and then Carmarthen) was an “EPIC” Adventure !!!!!
We went to find a Bus stop or a taxi rank (which we were told were “over there, not far”!!!!!) we went “over there” NOTHING, asked a local couple, over by Sainsbury, the bus station. So we started our way, to get to the pavement, meant we had to go a few hundred yards, out of our way. A short cut was taken,( as others had been doing and as a result, made a hole through the hedge), doing so, I had to hold on to a signpost, while Jason got the (empty) wheelchair on to the pavement. Any twigs and tree shoots and branches kept finding their way in to the spokes of the wheels, making the “short cut” very time consuming, but very amusing, to us and passers by!!!.

Once on the pavement, we came across a sign, to Temple Mead Train Station, in a TOTALLY opposite direction to Sainsbury???
We decided to take this path, along side the river. A tarmac path, though a park and along side numerous buildings, after a while we asked a passing cyclist, the way, we were only 200 yards away (around the corner).
To get to the station from the footpath, meant navigating some of the (very) busy city streets at “rush hour”, 5ish)
In the station, we went to the information desk, were we were given a printout of our journey (times, platforms and train changes), little did we know, that this printout was to be USELESS.
First leg of the journey, was delayed, and carriage was “packed”, Plus our
“change” station was CHANGED Cardiff Central to Newport.
At Newport, the train was late, delayed (in Reading) then CANCELLED!!!!! We were re-directed to another platform, to get another train, due in 30 minutes, while getting a sandwich and coffee, the station master, RAN in shouting “TRAIN TO CARMARTHEN” IT WAS EARLY!!!!!!!
Because, the other train was cancelled, this train was made up, to carry the extra passengers, the wheelchair space was in the “quiet” carriage, at the front of the train, because Mobile phones are NOT allowed in this carriage, one person was asked to leave !!!
After, all this, we got home around 11.00pm.

Jason stayed with us, as he was coming with us to collect, our new car, Volkswagon TOURAN (Shadow Blue)
A totally different, car to the “old” Ford Fusion. Very quiet, loads of extras, very comfortable (and seven seats).

Friday, Coleshill. Nothing to report.

We went Carmarthen, on Saturday, A local produce market was taking place, very interesting, we visited this event during Christmas, and even though, it was busier then, it was busy, today.

Sunday, we went to a Car Boot Sale, at the showground, Carmarthen. A very busy event, which takes place fairly often, a small part, which is in side, the site has tarmac paths (some are a bit stoney, for a wheelchair) but it’s a good morning out.
I will get more photos up on Flickr
And there is some small film clips to go on to YouTube

Dawn, has entered the Race for Life to take place in Llanelli, in June. If you haven’t sponsored her, yet, you can do so at

Got loads to do,
Upload photos and clips, after renaming them.
Scan documents
Laminate documents
Sort out , and investigate, some(more) places to visit for
and for Jason and I, to continue our adventures.

You're very brave
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