Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Had Trouble updating the BLOG

The last, week, has been, very interesting.
Over the Easter Holidays, I had time to visit StClears Craft Fair. Met a few people I know (1 person from school) plus some official members of the town and county council.

I also made an appointment, to visit and review an art gallery, that has wheelchair access.

After visiting, the art gallery, we went to visit the Woollen Museum, Llandysul.

During Wednesday morning, I went to a council meeting, in county Hall, Carmarthen. I sat in the “press”area, as the public area is upstairs.
After which, I conveyed my concerns (over my adaption grant) to one of the councillors, who IS going to make things happen !!!!

Thursday, I went with Jason, to Morriston hospital, Swansea, for a check-up. The consultant / surgeon is very pleased with his progress and wants to see him in 6 months.

Friday, Coleshill, No computer lesson, as its half-term, we start the Data base module, next week !!!!!

On Sunday, when we left, the house, I was in t-shirt and shorts, as it was hot. As we were, getting closer to Cardigan, it was getting misty, once in St. Dogmaels, it was very heavy mist and very damp, a complete contrast to the rest of the UK !!!. I took “stormie” (powerchair) (all of him, this time!), to go on an adventure, but this time IT WAS TOO COLD!!.
We settled, for lunch, at TESCO (Cardigan isn’t the best, accessibility, wise town. We then went over to POPPIT beach, BIG mistake !!!, it was very cold, just a few people about. We went in to have a cup of tea and a few (homemade) Welsh cakes, in the café.
Haven’t been out on my trike, as the wind has been a bit chilly (or I am getting “soft” in my old age??

The next few days, I will have to get “my act together” and get my reports up to date.
This morning, Local County Councillor (and chairman of Carmarthen County Council, for 2007) came to visit, to get an update, on the adaptation grant “fiasco”, he is going to chase things up.

I have been outside, and its warmer out there than in the HOUSE.

The BLOG has been, hard to get in to in the last few days ?????????

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