Monday, April 23, 2007



A, Fairly, quiet week.
Friday, went to Coleshill, started, a “new” module, of the computer class, DATABASE, using Access. Que “A LOT OF STUDYING !!!!!!!

On Saturday, we picked up Jason, on the way to a country park (near Golden Grove,Llandeilo.

I knew it was going “to be an ADVENTURE” so we put “stormie” (powerchair) in the car.

We got there, had a cup of tea (and Welsh cake) looked on the plan (of the park) decided to take the (longest) of the 4 trails.

As, you, can imagine, the trail goes through fields, woodland, over (small wooden) bridges.

Along the (gravel) paths, the tree roots, are very prominent, making for a very “wobbly (and rough) ride. The first obstacle, was a step, at the end of a small bridge, over a ditch. We managed, this (with me out of the chair).
Further on, we came across, (on the left) a set of “steep” steps (10 or more) that was a NO-GO.
On the (right), a steep, loose gravel (and tree roots) slope, upwards, to get back to “flat” land (and another path) we got up with Dawn assisting me and the chair.

So, on to another trail. Through woodland, past the Mansion and where the path goes down a very steep path, Jason, went down “on step duty” to the flat part of the path, NO STEPS. The path is so steep, Stormie would not stop, wheels skidded on the gravel !! once I started my de-cend, I was “committed”. The bottom was a “tarmac” track, which we had to cross.
Next, was a small ramp over a fence !! ramp one side- steps the other??, time to turn back !!
To get back, was up the VERY STEEP, rough, gravel, path !!!
So we sent Jason ahead to make sure the way was clear, I took “stormie” (at topgear) for a run up (to the slope) Dawn pushed as hard as she could, and we just had to “go for it”.
We couldn’t stop, for a rest, as stormie would just skid down. Add to this, the right hand side, was “like, dropping in to a small ravine, full of bushes.
It was, all or nothing, get to the top, fall out of “stormie” and “die” or get serious injuries or leave “stormie” behind.
As you can tell, I didn’t die, and “stormie” is in the front room, having a rest !!
I wish I had filmed it, to upload to youtube !!!!!!

It was so HILLARIOUS!!!!!!

Conclusion, always ask a park warden, the best access trail…..

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