Thursday, April 05, 2007


More hours in the day, PLEASE

Yesterday morning (Wednesday) I went to see the Neurologist, just a check-up.
He was very impressed with my co-ordination (for someone, who has had ATAXIA diagnosed almost 10 years ago). Although, he said my speech “was not 100% “perfect”.
He also said “it wasn’t worth me going to London to the Ataxia clinic, as I had suggested, as we all knew that I had ATAXIA, and it is progressing “very slow”, so I “just have to LIVE with it” LIKE I AM DOING !!!!.

Afterwards, we went to visit a “Self-Catering” cottage in Llangunnor, Carmarthen.
My report will be on the website ( Carmarthen, page) as soon as possible, after I have done all my research.

After this, I rang, Jason, to see if he wanted to come, with us to visit Carmarthen Museum.(another visit, on my DHI, list) He did, so we picked him up, he has been, to the museum, before, about 5 years ago (he remembered every bit of it).
I wasn’t sure if it was a place to go, in a wheelchair, but I was surprised, at how, access IS NO problem.

Our return was to TESCO (of course) to have supper, before going home.

Now the hard(ish) part, to put my findings, down in writing. I have got photos, to help me out, plus a stardard questionnaire, was filled in, on site.. and investigate more, places, to visit

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