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Been SO, BUSY, this Blog, hasn’t had time to be updated !!!.

Went to Mochyn Du,Cardiff (Saturday, 9-6-07).
To attend a South Wales Ataxia meeting, very successful, a lot of new faces.

A nice pub (considering its in the city, there was no “City” noise). The “wheelie” access, isn’t up to scratch?? Very small doorways, small “thresholds” on doorways, disabled toilet very, very small (door wont shut, with a “lot” of manoeuvring, with even a small “wheelie”) some “outside areas” are paved with gravel (or uneven stones).

On our return, we stopped at Mc Arthur Glenn, http://www.bridgenddesigneroutlet.com/consumer.asp Bridgend, to get some “deck shoes” (for me to wear, on the sand and in the sea, Cant Balance, very well, on the uneven sand.
Found some, in “Helly Hanson” http://www.hellyhansen.com/ Looked at “Bouyancy aids” while in there, but they didn’t have a size to fit, will carry on using the old “life-Jacket”, that I have, at the moment.
Then we travelled down to Amroth, Beach, to have a go at Kayaking.
The tide was out, but it was worth get all the kit on and walking down to the sea. The sea was fairly calm, I soon learnt to go in to the waves “head-on”. Only once was I caught out, unawares But I didn’t CAPSIZE. It was good to taste the Salt water, after such a very long time.

Getting the wet-suit on and off is a major event, in it self.

Afterwards, once home, we have to rinse down, all the equipment, so to get (as much as we can) the salt water, off of every thing.
A trip to Pembrey Country Park, was Sundays adventure.
We (Jason, Elaine, Dawn and I) took a picnic, which we eat, on the wooden, disabled access, at the top of the beach.
There were quite a few people on the beach, as this is a fairly popular place for a day out, but the park is SO big, and has plenty, to do, it is NOT to crowded.

As the, KAYAK, is a fairly “new design” and not that highly “seen”. ADVANCED ELEMENTS Dragonfly Inflatable 1 person Kayak, as viewed at www.advancedelements.com or www.airkayak.com or www.luftkajak.com We have, had, quite a few onlookers and questions, about it !!.
I lost my walking stick, when one (large) wave, washed it away, from me, but we did find it. The search is on, for some sort of “float” in bright colours, so it wont go AWOL, even if it does, it will be easy to see,.

After, we had a few long hours, in the sea, we packed the car,to return home. While heading home, we decided to continue, travelling, on to Tenby, to see if Geoff Holt www.personaleverest.com had reached his next port. He wasn’t there, but I managed to take a few photos, of the harbour, including taking a few, of the “slipways” so I could email them to Geoff and his team, so they can plan the journey. (I have done this procedure, for them, at Fishguard Harbour, so they have so more information, to help them with their task).

My Swimming lesson, took place on Monday, at Crymych Leisure Centre, to which I DROVE. The Instructor was really impressed, with the way I have come along since last week. I am at the single “float” stage. Basic swimming stokes (the 2012 Olympics, are NOT feasible !!!)


This morning, I had made (transport arrangements via Elaine (sister in law) to go to Fishguard, to meet Geoff Holt. Just before, Elaine picked me up, I checked, my email, and one of Geoff`s team (Andy) (of www.personaleverest.com ) had sent me an email, to say “that they were having “A lay day” so we changed our plans and went to Tenby to see him, on the quay side P.E. camp.
While I was talking to him, he said he was going to make a stop in Dale, on his trip along the Welsh Coast.

** Geoff will make a stop at Dale, before travelling further round the coast **

I am, now the holder of a signed photo (of the PE team) which was given to me.

Tomorrow, (unless I have any obstacles, in my way??) we WILL be in DALE, to see Geoff sail in, and on Thursday, a trip to Fishguard, is in the diary.

I will, try to find time, to put some photos, up on www.flickr.com

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