Thursday, June 14, 2007


Excited ---and--- Dilemma`s

After, a VERY EXCITING, day- meeting Geoff- , in Dale.
I have (last night) been contacted, by a “local” Radio Station, that wants to interview Geoff and his P.E. team, all I have to do is get the message, to him. Which seems simple, but I, don’t know, mobile telephone number, which if they, had one- 1 the signal, around the coast is very weak/intermittent, 2- I would not like to “use” it, as they want to keep it for the sole/important use of communicating, with the team.
3- (this is where it becomes complicated)
the weather, might have, prevented Geoff, from sailing out, of Dale, (read his blog for more info.), which means, I am unsure of the exact position of the team, could be Dale or Fishgaurd !!.

Which leaves, me, with some dilemmas.
Dawn Has, the day off, and I don’t want to tie up her day, but we need to get a message to the P.E. team (which means driving to Dale and along to Fishgaurd, in the search for them!!!.
If sailing, today, is put “on hold”, then, do I NOT go to Coleshill, tomorrow? And, meet him in Fishgaurd? (my transport problems, for that !, Do I drive?, get a lift? (which means staying, there, until Dawn picks me up after work), go down on the train? (train station, is in the ferry terminal, away from the “slipway`s”, plus the times are early am/late evening!!??)

This weekend`s Diary is already “booked up” (Saturday, I am to visit and review some accommodation, for DHI-
Sunday, Dawn is entered in “Race for Life”, Llanelli, and I am going to watch/support her.

At 8.30 am, it looks like Geoff, is in Dale, so a trip down there, is on the cards.

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