Friday, June 29, 2007


Keep BUSY to Stave off WITHDRAWL !!!!!!!!!!

Went to Amroth, with the KAYAK. The Tide was on the way out, s not too far to walk. The sea was pretty “calm”, considering, the amount of wind!, but still, we went in.
The wind was taking, the Kayak, off course, had to paddle, just to keep in the same position. The water wasn’t that cold. The wind got a bit stronger and colder but then, it was evening. We “called it a day” and went to the car.

It has been a “slow” week.

Swimming, Monday, tutor said “I was progressing, that well, I could just have a tutor, every other week and have a public swim, in the week in between.
Managed to go out on my Tricycle, in the week.

Might of said before, but after, taking photos of Slipways, for Geoff, he suggested, that I submit them to now I want to go and photgraph some “Slipways” in the surrounding area, that are not on the website. So now I have a few places, to visit.

Talking of VISIT. I have been trying to make travel plans to drive from my house to StClears, catch the bus to Carmarthen, catch the train to my destination. Will see how it goes ??

Last night I attended a meeting of Taf Myrddin Community part of
I approached, a representative, of Carmarthenshire Tourist Association, to ask about the Llanboidy village website ????.

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