Monday, June 25, 2007


Withdrawl Symptoms... STILL

Not a very eventful week !!!!!

manged to get out on my TRICYCLE, for a CALMING couple of miles.

Went to Amroth with the KAYAK, on Saturday (evening) the tide was, just going out, so not far to go down to the water.

The sea was warm, and surprisingly calmish, considering the wind. We didnt stay long as the wind was blowing the KAYAK (faster than I could control it).

Yesterday (Sunday) we went shopping, and called at Towy Boat Club, we new that their Reggatta, was on. But by the time we arrived, the yachts were coming in and people were going home!!.

My weekly swim later. I am Driving a bit further every day (Drove to Carmarthen, NOT IN THE TOWN (Dawn took over, just outside the town), Amroth, StClears. Practice makes perfect (but perfect I wont be !!!!)

Now it is ,heavy rain and high winds (so NO trike today)

Looks like Geoff, will be staying put, for another day, in this weather, plus the tides are very important, on his travels.

The next South Wales Ataxia meeting will be July 15th.

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