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It was decided, to go to Dale, early Thursday, Dawn said she would , drive down. It was a “lay-day” for Geoff -
After, we had passed the message on, about “radio Ceredigion”, we went up to St.Davids (via the coast).
We visited the Cathedral. Very Impressive, and HUGE, more at

Upon our return, home. I had a message, from Tivyside Advertiser, newspaper, to ring them, about Geoff.

This I did, on Friday am.
A “PANIC” started, early, today !!!!
Geoff, had started to sail, and was making, such good progress, I though that I might miss him in Fishgaurd!! (My transport, plans, were for bit later in the day). It was time to test my driving. It was the furthest I have driven, on my own, and it meant driving through a (small) town.
In Fishgaurd harbour, I parked, on the beach front (by the Tourist information Centre) The P.E. team were NOT to be seen. Within minutes, I saw their convoy, going towards the ferry terminal!!. I found out, they had use of a “slipway”, with the kind permission of Fishgaurd RNLI.
While we waited, for Geoff, to arrive, the P.E. team and I were made at “home” by the staff of the station. I managed to get photos of the station, Irish Ferries (both types) and the P.E team and Geoff (on a “rather-STEEP) slipway.

This was going to be my “last” chance to follow him around, the Welsh coast.
I had a conversation, with Geoff, and the team, to say “GOODBYE and GOODLUCK” and will (hopefully) “meet up with them at Southampton, at the FINISH LINE.
I made, my way home, in the afternoon, and to hear Geoff make an Interview on radio Ceredigion. HE THANKED ME, for FOLLOWING his PROGRESS. Thank You.

Next day, Saturday, we were to go and review some holiday cottages with access and facilities for mobility impaired people. My report will be, on the “NEW” Carmarthen, pages of . This property was in North of Carmarthenshire, NOT that far from Aberystwyth, Geoff`s next stop!!!.
Dawn and I, thought the same, we would try to see him, after we had done, this visit.

Around lunch time, we made our way to the coast, via Lampeter on to Aberaeron, along the coast to Aberystwyth.

We got to “Aber” the tide was out, and the slipway(s) in the marina, made available. Geoff, was to be a hour or so, so went to have a cup of tea.

We went back to the slipway to see the arrival, of the sailor.
Geoff, was very “surprised/pleased” to see us, after we had already said “GOODBYE” in Fishgaurd!!.

The bottom of the “slipway”, is very “stoney/rocky, which made for some careful manoeuvring.
Another “farewell” conversation, took place, and we were presented with Personal Everest T-Shirts, which will be worn “with PRIDE”.

NOW “WITHDRAWL SYMTOMS” have set in, as it is NOT possible to follow, any more, it means “tracking” his progress, by the internet.

Race for Life, took place on Sunday (in Llanelli).

Dawn was number 589. running for her DAD and AUNTY.
She was accompanied by her friend Christine.
There was, about 3000, taking part, a fairly large event. The weather (on arrival) was warm, but it soon went damp and then drizzle set in.
All taking place had a medal and a “goody” bag (from Race for Life).
I will post photos on as soon as I can.

From there, we went to BHS, Carmarthen, for lunch, then up to St.Dogmeals, to place flowers on Dawns father`s grave. Then take Jason home (St.Clears) and then return home.

Today, Monday, Time to catch-up on my emails / computer related activities.
Go to my Swimming lesson, (Drive to it)

I think, a trip to see Glyn of Towy Boat Club (Glyn is a good friend of Geoff Holt) to see about teaching ME to sail!!!
This might help me with the “PE Withdrawl Symtoms”!!!

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