Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Another Week of WITHDRAWL !!!

The weekend, hasn’t been very interesting!!

I managed to write a few emails (and write an update for my blog). I save them on to memory stick, then copy and paste them (to the correct pages, when I get my internet connection, at home).

Saturday, It poured down BUT HEY-- SKIN IS WATER PROOF !!
We went to Carmarthen, to see the Local Food Market, which was being held (OUTSIDE) but, some had been re-located in the CivicHall, Nott Square. I couldn’t go in to the hall, as the staff couldn’t get the “lift” to work.

Next, day, we went to Tesco, Haverfordwest – shopping, then we went home, unpacked then rang Jason to see if he wanted to go and see Shrek 3. We didn’t see the film, as it was sold out !!! (we will try another day)
We went over to Poppit beach to have a cup of tea and see the “new” disabled beach platform.

While in TESCO, I asked the staff, to display (an advert, for www.personaleverest.com ) and was told “ we had to take down our community Notice Board – due to Health and Safety rules” ?????.

My photo was in the Western Telegraph (newspaper) last week, I have a copy on www.flickr.com GO SEE IT!!!!!.

Swimming, Monday, Just a “swim with out a tutor” I think I “over done it” my shoulder is very stiff today !!

Planning some travel, for the near future.
Sun Walk, Ashton Estate, Bristol (8th July) (to support a friend, who is taking part) http://www.walkthewalk.org/
Train to Swindon, to the Motability Roadshow (21st July)
Bus and Train to (various) places in Wales
Carmarthen County Council (meetings) County Hall, Carmarthen.

Major plans are for a “long weekend” in Barcelona, at the end of September / start of October. We can get a (cheap) flight, there and back, just a hotel, to find. The City, is big enough, to have a short stay at one end, and then come back, for another short stay, to explore the other end, of the city.

As, my BLOG, says,
I have WITHDRAWL SYPTOMS, from my “following” Geoff Holt www.personaleverest.com (he is WEATHER BOUND, in North Wales.
Plus my opportunity to go out in the Kayak, has been NON-EXSISTANT – due to tides, weather and shortness of time.

and going out on my “mission” tricycle, but I have managed to go out for short runs, in between showers !!!

Just to mention, I have seen, the film An Inconvenient Truth, http://www.aninconvenienttruth.co.uk/ a few times. I think that it should be shown to a wider area (some schools, show it during lesson time !!

The next meeting of Ataxia South Wales, will be in Llanelli on Sunday 15th July.

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