Wednesday, July 18, 2007


BUSY 2, BUSY 2 or ACTIVE 2, ACTIVE 2 ????

My “induction” course, at the leisure Centre, went very well.
After, all the, health questions and general checks, I was found – very healthy – a good “starting block. (These tests, will, repeated, after 3 months, to check on my progress).
I tried out some, of the machines, I would be using (all with full tuition).
The “rowing” machine, will be left, for a few months, as I don’t think I my balance, is good enough to stay in an upright position, on the seat. I want to strengthen my “core” muscles, first.
I was impressed, at the attention to detail, of the control panel, of each machine, they are all identical and very easy to use.
My next, visit/session, is booked for next Tuesday, when a written programme, for me to follow ( or aim for) will be available, to me.

After, we went to Cardigan, to the travel agents, to check on some holiday, prices and destinations, so we can compare them to holidays, we can arrange, on-line.
We, also, called at Heritage Canoes,; where I bought a new paddle, one that is a lot lighter (and sportier), than the one I have now.
Their “new” shop, is OPEN (down by the river, by the “Heritage Centre”). The (main) opening ceremony will be on 4th August, during the Food and River Festival.

Wednesday, early (7.30 am), went out, on my tricycle, managed to, do 7 miles. As I couldn’t sleep and the sun was out !!!, I am thinking I WILL have to change my routine, to suit, the weather !!!. (As it CANT be relied on, to anable me to go out in the afternoon.
Today, it has been very warm (little breeze) managed to mow the lawn and go out, on my trike, for another 5 miles, this afternoon.

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