Saturday, July 21, 2007


FLOODS ---of ---NEWS ---

I am, now part of the Llanboidy website team.
A meeting (of said team) was attended on Thursday evening.

Next day (Friday) I was at Coleshill, watched another student (from another class) go through their Microsoft “Access” (Database) exam, so I could see, what it entails.

No Motability Roadshow , for me today !!!!
Closed roads and Train Stations
The Roadshow is in Swindon – FLOODS

My friend is up there, and he said its very WET !!!!!

Looked on the web, trains East (Carmarthen to Swindon) are virtually non existent!!!!

Important news

I have withdrawn my involvement, in submitting travel reviews to a disability website. As of Saturday afternoon.

I have other uses for my (enthusiastic) travel adventures.

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