Tuesday, July 17, 2007


From BUSY, to Mind spinningly Busy !!!

Another, busy weekend !!.
After, Coleshill Social Centre, I had to research, and plan (a route plan) for a “adventure” !!!!
Drive, to StClears;
Catch bus, to Carmarthen (train station);
Catch train, to Cardiff;
Go to VUE cinema;

Train, to Carmarthen
Catch bus, (to StClears)
Drive home.
(All these, have to have, precision, timings, so as to follow, each other, without, long “connection/waiting” times)

Rang (Great Western Trains, assistance, helpline) booked train, for the morning (not the train, just assistance, on to the train!!).

Went to pick up Jason, that evening.

Saturday, morning. Made our way, to StClears, via, taking Dawn to work.
Waited, for the bus, it was “spot” on TIME.
Got to, Carmarthen, train station. While queing to get a ticket, a train came in. the operator, at the desk, told us (Jason and I) Carmarthen to Cardiff “is leaving, go and get on, I will get the ramp”
Got on, and away we go !! (train was very, very busy)
Every, station, MORE, passengers seemed to get on.

Cardiff Central, very busy (people every where)
Over, to, the “VUE” cinema; http://www.myvue.com/cinemas/index.asp?SessionID=1BFCD13C1BC548EDB965A7A567695647&ci=59 check the times, of the films, so we could plan the times of trains and buses (returning home).
The STAFF, in the cinema, where “exceptional” very helpful. We had some time, to wait, so we went out to explore, the nearby streets, and to have some lunch.
As it was Saturday, it was very, very busy, people, traffic, buses (as it was, the Bus Station, area).
Got some pasties, and drinks, sat in the sun (it was very warm!!). Then returned (to the cinema) to see FANTASTIC 4: Rise of the Silver surfer; http://www.fantasticfourmovie.com/
As, we opted, for wheelchair seats, with “a good” view (at the “top, Back” of the “room”) we were, taken via the “staff” lift, through the “service” tunnels and into see the film.
When it finished, we “rang” the disabled service “bell”, to alert them, to escort us to the main foyer.

After this we made our way to the train station, asked which platform (platform 3) the operator, radioed through, for a ramp to the train. We only had to wait “seconds” for, the train to arrive, again “PACKED”.
The conductor, was a friend, I haven’t seen for a while, so a conversation, was made, Plus I met a “colleague”, who was in the BBC Digital Story making class, at the same time as me,(she dressed as a “PRINCESS”, in the class!!) see her D/S at; http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/capturewales/background/tracy-kopjas.shtml

Got back , to StClears, straight, on the bus, returned, to the car, drove back, home. It was here, that when I parked, the car, in the drive, I reversed “closer” to the garage, than normal, on doing so, when I opened, the tail gate, I stepped back, away, from the “strongly sprung” lifting, tail gate, to be, up against, the garage door, result = hard metal, meeting chin, ending in swollen gum, lip and cheek, bitten tongue, bitten (inside) cheek, blood!!!
Jason, stayed with us, He was Sick, during the night, probably, due to all, the “rubbishy” food and fizzy drinks plus the excitement, of the day!!.

I couldn’t, sleep, so I went out on my trike!!!. Jason, had made a “miraculous” recovery, as he had, come out, on his bike, to meet me. (Kids, Hey??)
After breakfast, we loaded, the car, with paper and cardboard, to go to the re-cycling station, in Whitland.
We went, from there, up to Carmarthen, where we had a cup of tea and did some shopping, in Tesco. Jason went home with his mother, as we went to attend, an ATAXIA South Wales; http://www.ataxia.org.uk/ meeting, in Coleshill, Llanelli.
On the way, we stopped at, Burry Port, to see the harbour. Very impressive. The tide was out and they where, digging sand away from, the entry channel, in to the harbour. At the meeting we discussed, fund raising and social events, plus we talked about going White Water Rafting, at Bala, North Wales: http://www.ukrafting.co.uk/

Have a GOOD Time, to Tina, who is going, to Toronto, Canada (this week).

Today, (Monday) went to my swimming lesson. While there; http://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/content.asp?Parent_Directory_id=107&nav=627,676 I had a look, at the fitness suite, I am booked in, to an induction course tomorrow (Tuesday). I hope it will help with my co-ordination (plus help me get the “looseness” back in my clothes) which is from NOT being able to go out on my tricycle, as much, due to the inclement weather. I also, tried to book, train assistance, for my journey, on Saturday, to the Motability Roadshow; http://www.mobilityroadshow.co.uk/ , in Kemble. The operator told me to ring back, on Wednesday, when their, computer system, can “deal” with the booking, better ??????

My, driving, is getting, alot better, been driving a fair bit, but not in busy areas. All my, bus journeys are FREE, plus I have a Disabled persons rail card, for discount, on the train.

For, two days, I haven’t, looked at the internet, until, the evening/night, so I have been “pleasantly” surprised, to see Geoff Holt www.personaleverest.com make, some more, progress, on his expedition. So far, he has been able to sail, to Isle of Man and on to his next port, (in Scotland)

I have had numerous, reminders, to attend, a meeting, for Llanboidy, website; , (on Thursday). It has Not, had the input, from the community, in recent times, A THING I AM GOING TO CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am STILL, WAITING, FOR A 36 (or even 48) hours, to be “the normal” day !!!!

A long post !! (Thank You save / copy / paste.)

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