Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have made, my FIRST BUS JOURNEY (for at least 30 years).

I rang the bus company, (First Group—so apt !!) this morning, to ask what type of bus access, was on the route I was going to use. I was told, it was a LOW FLOOR—not ULTRA LOW FLOOR.

The LOW FLOOR, bus, can lower it self, close to the kerb, BUT not as low as the ULTRA LOW bus. I explained, that I could “walk” or “stand” a little, and I was assured that my journey, was possible. So off I went to catch the 11.30 am from StClears (I had to drive there, and park the car in the car park, opposite the bus stop.

When the bus came, the driver had been told, that I would be travelling. The “ramp” on the bus was NOT working (I was informed, of that, when I rang, so I was prepared). The bus “lowered” the remaining “gap” was only a few inches, I got out, and pulled the chair, on to the bus, plenty of passengers offered to help ( but I was OK).
Travel is FREE, for concessionary card holders, in Wales.

Once in Carmarthen, Bus station, the bus “lowered” to help me exit, again, I pulled “Loamie” over the ,small, gap.
Spent a few hours, in town, before my, return trip.
Used the lift, up to “Friars Park” went to Argos-The works, then trek over to the Market- Next ( the menswear is upstairs, NO lift ???) back via Waterstones, over to BHS, for a cup of tea, then down to W H Smiths (they have a 3 for 2 offer, on books) back to The works and down the lift, to catch the bus, home (or to StClears).
The (222) bus came in, my turn came to enter, again, pull “Loamie” in !!. The driver said, the ramp, on this bus does work, some don’t work, at some of the “new” “high Kerb” bus stops???.
Back in StClears, the driver “lowered” the bus, he was so close to the kerb, I could (stay in the chair) and slowly “wheel” over the, very small gap/step.
Back to the car, and drive home.

I Thanked, the Drivers, who were very pleasant, plus any passengers, who were on the bus, at the same time, as me.
I now, know what to expect, and can plan some more journeys, combining bus and train travel in to journeys.
Like it says DON’T STOP ME NOW
Practice Makes Perfect.
When I got home, I was able to go out on my tricycle, as the sun has come out, FOR A CHANGE!!!!

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