Monday, July 30, 2007


OMG time warp (on ebay??)

I have been, so busy, I haven’t had time to update, for a while, so much has happened !!!.
OK here goes:
Monday, out on my trike, early. Go to swimming lesson, (tutor, lesson, this week, tuor every other week, week in between-just a normal (practice ) swim).
Tuesday, 5.5 miles on tricycle, early am. Trip to gym, spend an hour going around the machines. A fairly tough hour, legs, feeling stiff (something that will last all week!!).
Wednesday, I attended a meeting in County Hall, Carmarthen. I met a few very useful contacts, within the council. I found out, some interesting information, from my visit. I also found out, which meetins, I can attend, as an observer, to which I was told “any that are advertised on the web” and as they know me, I can just “turn-up” don’t need to ring “ahead” to a”ALERT” them.
Thursday, Had an appointment, with the speech therapist, West Wales Hospital, Carmarthen. My journey, was (accompanied by Jason (nephew))
Drive to StClears, catch bus to
I was, glad to see the bus arrive, it was pouring down (very heavy, haven’t seen rain like it in a while !!.
It was AFTER, this journey, that, the driver, said that “wheelchairs, aren’t allowed on this bus ! THIS WAS AFTER MY JOURNEY and the bus had a wheelchair “SPACE”, Plus, as I explained, I had used this service, just last week!!
The “word, of the day” JOBSWORTH
Have some lunch, go around some shops.
Catch another bus, to the Hospital
See the Speech Therapist (got another follow up appointment, in 2 weeks)
Went to catch bus, back to bus station,
Just missed the “Wheelie” bus, had to wait 50 minutes, for the next one.
Got in to bus station, transferred on to a different bus, to travel back to StClears
Drive, home.

While, in Carmarthen, we went in to Waterstones, Bookshop, I asked about a book by Karen Darke-IF YOU FALL . ( I have been looking, for it for a while), they had one (apparently it is hard to get hold of !) I bought it. Karen Darke is the one I bought my wheelchair (Loamie) from, she lives in Scotland, and after a mountaineering accident, she is paralym msed although she has undertaken quite a few expeditions, including one across Greenland, with (and highlighted) by Andy Kirkpatrick-Phsycovertical, remember I went to his show, in Theatr Mwldan (last year).

Friday, Coleshill.
Brand New, computers, for the lesson !!! Very smart, Windows XP, all up to date, office 2003, 1024 mb ram,

Saturday, tricycle early (see, I HAVE changed, my routine!!!) 7.6 miles.
Went up to Cardigan, see a few shops, then went to have lunch at Theatr Mwldan, and go and see, the new Harry Potter, movie (with Jason, of course).

Sunday, out on tricycle early (7.00 am) 9.6 miles.
Came home and got ready, to go to Towy Boat Club, open day.
I was hoping to “have a go” at sailing in a small cater maran, but it was not in use. But we went in a small power/speed boat and a wooden sailing boat, so now it has made me MORE enthusiastic.
ALL the people, there, where very friendly, always asked if I needed any help (on any slopes, moving chairs, out of the way). I was offered to be taken out in a Kayak, but time wasn’t on my side, but the company, which “offered” me this, is local, so I will try a “follow up “ email (you never know). I had plenty of photos, including one, of me, club secretary and an (connstitunancy) AM.
It was very well attended, a VERY good afternoon.

Today, Monday, tricycle (early) only 4.5 miles. Weekly swim. When I went in the pool, for the first 20 minutes, there was only me in the pool !!.

As I have told you, I am part of the website team.
There, will be (soon) a section “Alans Adventures” so I can share other people, in(and out) of the community.

If you have been, following Geoff Holt you will know he is on the East coast of Scotland, one port, before his journey, back down the coast to Southampton. Which I WILL be attending (and putting my trip on

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