Monday, July 09, 2007

Very busy (and exhausting), weekend.
Got off, the (Coleshill) bus, in StClears, fetched my repeat prescription, from the chemist, then went to visit Dawns sister, and pick-up Jason.

Couldn’t sleep, so went out on my Tri cycle at 6.45 am (Saturday). Came back, got ready (and swapped over the wheelchair, so I could take the RGK for a trail) and we went to Theatr Mwldan to see Shrek the Third. A pretty good film for all ages !!.
Had lunch (small picnic) at the NEWLY opened PRINCE CHARLES QUAY, in Cardigan (bottom of Grosvner Hill)
Returned home, to get the Kayak, and the wet-suits, off we went to Amroth. The tide was NOT that far out !! The sea was warm, even though it was “breezy”, it wasn’t “that rough” just a few waves.

We were out on the sea (not very far out) the wind was getting stronger, enough to keep blowing us further along the beach, so we decided to “call it a day”.
After we got changed, it was quite warm, in the shelter, of the car, Jason went home, with his mum, so it saved us doing a “de-tour”, through, StClears, as we take the “back” roads, home (only 12 miles).

Got up early, Sunday, but we were going to Ashton Park, Bristol, to see a friend, take part in the Charity “SUN WALK”.

WELL DONE BETTY—3 hours (3 minutes)

While the “walk” was, taking place, we went over to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge.
A masterpiece, of engineering, very high (from the river). Didn’t go across, on foot, as I didn’t like the “”look down””!! plus you can feel (and see) the movement, from cars travelling on the bridge.
On the gorge cliffs, we could see, rock climbers (apparently they are there quite often.

Back to Ashton Park, to see the competitors, return.

After, we went along to “Cribbs Causeway” (a very BIG shopping Mall). We have been there, a few times before, but its size, still impresses.
I managed to buy some sandals, for the summer (when it gets here!!). A pair of Skechers, Fisherman, grey with elastic and Velcro straps (I cant manage laces!!).
I also managed to get a copy, of, canoe and Kayak, magazine I have been looking for a copy, for a while, we sourced it at W.H.Smith in Cribbs Causeway, the newsagents, shop, is huge (and the magazine was in with the “boating” section?????.

Got home about 8.00 pm ( I drove from StClears).

Today (Monday) mowed the lawn (very untidily) just a quick going over, before it rains (we have a self-propelled motor mower, so I just have to walk behind it !! must look funny, as it goes fairly fast.
Swimming Lesson, went very well, swimming on my back, without a float (I am a bit too late to enter the 2012 Olympics, may be the next one !!!!!!!!)

By the way, Geoff Holt is still, weather bound, in Abersoch, North Wales.

Soon as I can ,I will post photos on and

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