Monday, August 20, 2007


normal (ish) Weekend

A fairly, busy, weekend.

Went to Theatr Mwldan, cinema (Cardigan), picked up Jason, on the way.
Went to see, SURFS UP, an OK film, a bit slow?? (A kids film)

After, we had lunch, in Caffi Mldan (Lovely homemade food), we went to buy another paddle, for me and my Kayaking Adventures!!, from Heritage Canoes (new Shop). While there, I asked about their trips/excursions on the river Teifi, (with the view of getting some expert advice/lessons, in Kayaking.

I went to watch Crymych Triathlon, early Sunday am (first racer, start 9.00 am).
It was a very cold and windy, spectator position, but I have some good photographs.
After, I returned, we went up to Tesco Carmarthen and took Jason home, on the way back.

Before, my, swim, today, I have emails, to compose and send, photos to download, and rename organise, other "webby" things to sort out!!

DON’T FORGET, TO REVISIT , or even “book mark” it !!!

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