Friday, August 10, 2007


PLENTY to Do----- New BUTTON ??

To finsish that, day off, I went to Amroth with the Kayak.

Friday, usual, computer class, at Coleshill, Llanelli.

A “Food and River” Festival, was visited on Saturday. Drove down (took ages!!) parked in the disabled car park (that was used, for the day- a small 6 car yard?) looked around the many stalls, very busy, lots of people.
I went over to the official opening of Heritage Canoes new shop, on the bridge in Cardigan. Its very nice, with a small coffee shop, plenty of canoe`s on show, accessories and (water sports) clothes. For the day, they had a “live” band (in a “tipee”) burger stall, and other (water, based) attractions, try canoeing “taster”. From their I went to Theatr Mwldan, for a cup of Tea.

We went to the recycle station (Whitland), on Sunday, to make some room, in the garage and house.
Then went to a car boot sale in Carmarthen., and down to Laugharne for a picnic.
My relatives, who live in Arbroath, Scotland, went to see Geoff Holt arrive in the Harbour, plus they went to see him depart (next day) but he went earlier than expected. I am very grateful, for them doing this, for them (and me) and Geoff was very pleased with the support.

While they were doing this, I was going to my , weekly, swimming lesson.
And took Kayak to Coppet Hall, Saundersfoot . Car Park was £1.50 !! and as we parked the car, the attendant, shut the cabin for the day !!! ( if we had been 2 mins. Later it would be “FREE”!!!!.
I was "shocked"/ didnt realise, Coppet Hall and Saundersfoot was so CLOSE to each other !!!
Next day Gym.

Thursday, tricycle 8 miles (7.30 am)
Mow lawn, tricycle 3 miles (pm)
Burn trash, in garden incinerator

A trip to County Hall, Carmarthen (in the “Chamber”) (mix with the “suits”!!!)
Up to the Hospital, for a Speech therapy check !!.

Today, Friday, Coleshill, had its Broadband, internet connection, turned “LIVE” Clients were (quickly) there to use it (guess who was the target, to whom they asked- what to do)
When using it (myself) I found out that Llanboidy website, has included a button “Alans Adventures, (I knew this was to happen) I now have to get my act together and submit something ! (que- more hours in the day!!)

The Builder (who is coming to rectify the Grant work) came to visit, and explain what was what, just to finalise a few things, before he notifies me of a start date, then we will have to move out for a while ( not so long as the first time !!!).

Don’t forget Alans Adventures on

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