Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Time is hard to extend-- so a few short BLOGS

Some “Retail Therapy”, was in the diary, for Saturday.
A trip, to Fforestfach, Swansea.
When, we had finished, we went, via Llanelli, to Amroth.
As, it had been, so warm and sunny, in Swansea, we thought that we would go out in the Kayak, But, the closer, we got, to Amroth, the “cloudier and cooler” it became. The wind had also “picked” up, so the sea was very “choppy”. We decided, to not go in. Instead we went to, have a cup of tea and a cake.

Sunday “lunch”, was taken, at the LAMB Inn, Llanboidy.
EXCELLENT, Homemade Food.
Afterwards, a “Sunday Drive” was made, along the coast.
Abercastle (where we saw a neighbour, who lives, opposite us!!)
Fishgaurd (where we stopped for tea and cakes)
Up to Newport beach (where we met, a friend, Dawn works with, at the chocolate farm) she was out with her “sit-on-top” Kayak, she told us “it was cold, when you come out the sea”. The sea, was fairly rough (but a few, were “braving it”) The wind had “got up” and the tide was coming in “FAST”, so another “no-show”, return home.

Still, haven’t had time to submit, items to www.llanboidy.com
Will “have to get my act together”.

A relaxing, swim, was enjoyed, on Monday.

This is great info to know.
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