Thursday, November 01, 2007



Went to a Taf Myrddin Community Network, meeting @ Conwil Elfed on Tuesday evening – very informative. (my Digital Story was played ).

Got a phone call, from the cinema We have had the chance of tickets to see Cerys Mathews during her tour. She will be in Cardigan in February 2008 (postponed from November 2007).

Had too much to do on Friday, (plus a small cold!!) So I stayed at home.

Later in the day we went to see “Ratatouille” afterwards we enjoyed a meal at a Chinese restaurant.

Took Jason (nephew) to his swimming lesson, in Narberth, on Saturday, then went over to Neyland, Milford Haven and back to Haverfordwest, to do some shopping in Tesco.
Sunday, started with heavy rain and gales, but it subsided, as we left to go to Llanelli. We had lunch in the Millenium Coastal path Visitor Centre – before we when to Coleshill Social Centre – for South Wales Ataxia.

Today (Monday) went to, the Chamber, Carmarthen County Hall, meeting of I was a bit late, as the bus was a bit late arriving in StClears. But I didn’t miss much.

My post, on OUCH says all about “the HELP” from another person, who seems to know what is best for me!! (Major education, of peoples attitudes, is VERY evident!!!)

Rang, NIACE Dysgu Cymru for more information on a seminar/meeting in Cardiff Bay (next week) will have to look into transport as I need to be there by 10.00am. getting a train to /Cardiff station is OK, organising a taxi down to the bay will be a “wait and see” plan !!!.

Gym on Tuesday, afterwards I (drove) to Amroth, for tea and a Welsh cake. Then wet on to Saundersfoot, The tide was out (sea was very CALM) (good for KAYAKING!!)so Saundersfoot harbour was “DRY”. Looked at a few gift shops, to look for some sailing/wet suit boots (cheap ones, as I am going to buy some “good” quality ones. (proper ones, came today Thursday)
In the evening went to the village hall, to see the Young Farmers Halloween Party photos on (AM I GETTING OLD!! OR ARE YOUNG KIDS GETTING NOISEY!!!). Nodout, there arre some very HYPER kids out there today (after all the sweets and pop). While there I was to “JUDGE” the costumes for the “Best Costume” prize –(was that part of being the only one in a wheelchair ??- at least the kids are getting awareness of a person with a disability, a VERY good thing/issue).

I have received an invite to THE SAILABILITY dinner in Royal Southern Yacht Club, Hamble, Southampton. Only thing is, it’s a shirt and tie and posh frock, event- I HAVENT WORN A TIE since school, and then it was under dureress!!! (perhaps I will get a Towy Boat Club, tie to wear).

Going out today (Wednesday) to look for a suit !!!!! (and BOW tie)

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