Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Uneventfull but exhausting

Uneventful, Weekend (for a change) went shopping, to Llanelli on Saturday.
Spent Sunday afternoon watching Nancy Drew in Cardigan Cinema
Monday, caught the bus to Carmarthen, to attend a meeting, but I was too late, so had to travel home. Had to wait a fair while, for a bus, as the one I was going to catch “had broken down” and the replacement wasn’t accessible!.
Was in meetings all day Tuesday
First one
Then went over to catch a train to Swansea, for a public meeting with Cerebra they have 2 more public Lectures at Grand Theatre, Swansea
Thursday 6th December 7pm – Behaviour Management
Thursday 11th December 7pm – Sleep Disorders in children/young adults with Neurological Conditions.
Time I got home it was 11.45pm – so today I am exhausted !!!

This morning got an email saying that Geoff Holt has reached the last few of Sports Personality see
So ring to vote 09015225103

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