Saturday, December 15, 2007



Started packing, for Tunisia, next week.

The Ataxia South Wales Christmas Dinner was on Monday evening, in Swansea. Very good (some enjoyed a bit more, than others,, and found their selves under the table !!)

Went to a Seminar with Cerebra, to Swansea on Tuesday, very imformative.
Wednesday. Meeting in Trinity College, Carmarthen
In the afternoon, registered a couple of DOMAIN names, one is (which is under construction) but worth you visiting very often.

Coleshill had its Christmas dinner, on Thursday.

Went to the surgery in Carmarthen, for inoculation, for yellow fever paid £50, for it !!. (but now I can go ALL OVER THE WORLD !!!!.

Today, just uploading /emailing and packing .

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