Thursday, February 21, 2008


Getting, back into GMT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am slowly getting organised.
Back to GMT Greenwich Mean Time - instead of Gambian MAYBE Time !!.

Been to lots of meetings
Been going Gym, (its good to be back)
Going out on my trike (in the good weather)

Been to to see Cerys Mathews (15-2-08)

Started back Sailing, at Towy Boat Club (17-2-08).

We have had some VERY SAD news, from our friend in Gambia (Lamin). Lamin`s mother (who we have met, and is old and very frail) passed away on Tuesday (18-2-08).

There has been a National Campaign to lower the speed limit, on streets with schools. To add you name, go to THANK YOU

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