Monday, February 25, 2008


Travel - On my mind

Travel, is come to be the main thoughts.

We are going to the Destination and travel Show next weekend. (NEC Birmingham).
We have been, sent, FREE tickets. When we went, last year, we found out some useful information, plus we got talking to some people organising tours in Gambia- (talk about “a PEEK into the FUTURE”, little do we know!).

We are looking for flights, over to Gambia, to attend the “ROOTS FESTIVAL” .
The only company that flies to Gambia, from the UK, during April – October, Is Gambia Experience . The prices are VERY HIGH, due to this fact.

We have looked into flying to Europe and then going on to Gambia, but that seems to be just as expensive, unless we had more time to investigate the options. (via Amsterdam or Spain seems to be mentioned a lot
To do all this, will cost a lot of money, so selling things on EBAY, will have to happen.
We also have to check up on travel insurance, for me, as we have to declare, my condition ATAXIA.

Check out the parking arrangements, or weather to stay in a hotel that offers airport parking with the deal.

A fairly full diary, for this week
The weather forecast, is not that good, to go out on my tricycle, but we will see, plus I might NOT have time.

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