Monday, April 07, 2008


SNOW ???

On Wednesday (2-4-08), I went to the Gym, I wanted to try out the Rowing machine. I did so, under the supervision of Bevis, the instructor.
To my amazement, I didn’t FALL off, (my main concern, as with Ataxia, balance was main problem).
So now I will have another, item to add to my circuit !!!!!.

I forgot to ring the bus driver to pick me up, to go to Coleshill. So I stayed at home, I had to design and print, some posters, for an event at the Towy Boat Club, which I deliverd to the boat club, on Saturday, after we had visited the village market Hall in Crymych.

Sunday, it was SNOWING !!!
Everywhere was “white”. No traffic, on the road. But the sunhas come out, so it wont be here for long.

After my last entry, I had a comment, from Geoff Holt !!

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