Friday, April 18, 2008


Time-Time- Time Election and Alan (funny combination!!)

Went to the Gym, and attended a lot of meetings, PRTA (Pembs Rural Transport Association)
Llanboidy Sports and Social Club
during the week.
Fitting in going out on my Tricycle, as time and weather permits.
Talking of weather, we have ad a few heavy SNOW falls !!! but these have not lasted that long, but it is April and the summer is just around the corner ( more like a long slow BEND!!!.
Friday, I went to Coleshill Social Centre, Llanelli, some time for a “REST”!!
Went SAILING, on Saturday (12-4-08).
A very exciting time, a fairly good wind, so progress wasn’t too bad, wind was a bit “gusty” at times, and I went too close to the MUD and ended up stuck on the bank. Glyn to the rescue !!!.
I felt a bit guilty, as , as soon as he got me FREE, and on the water, he was “STUCK” on the MUD, himself!!!
I was able to go up and down the estuary, at quite a speed.

Sunday, I went to the Boat Club, but did not sail, as I think I strained my shoulder, trying to “Free” myself from the Mud, yesterday.
Plus, as I was not sailing, I was able to lend my “KIT” to a young “sailor.

A Website design, meeting was attended, on Monday morning, and a session at the Gym in the afternoon.
Gym again , next day, with a meeting, in Swansea resource Centre.

I went to the dentist, on Wednesday, everything very good.
In the evening, I went to Haverfordwest, with the Pembrokeshire Green Dragon – Dial a Ride minibus to take part in the Emergency Evacuation Procedure, I was “the token” wheelchair user.
This was very interesting and educational plus being exciting.
I was taking part with members of the PRTA- (Pembrokeshire Rural Transport Association). I will upload photos of the event when I can.

In between all this, I have attended meetings at County Hall, in Carmarthen (including today Thursday 17-4-08).
Not going to Coleshill, this Friday, the computer tutor is NOT in, and I have plenty of things, to catch up with or sort out.

As the Community Council Elections are on May 1st 2008, I have been nominated.
In Llanboidy, there are 6 seats and 7 nominees-- SO YOU KNOW WHERE TO PUT, THAT CROSS, when you go to the village Hall. (Alan Thomas).

I have been contacted, by BBC Capture Wales, to go to a meeting in Cardiff, this is as a result of my Digital Story

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