Sunday, July 06, 2008



This week, the weather has been very “Autumnal” so going out on my tricycle, has been a bit of a problem.

Attending meetings, every night
With my attendance at County Hall, Carmarthen, for ,on Wednesday.

Thursday,saw the launch, of the Veg. Oil powered MINIBUS, which was held at, Cafi-Beca, Efailwen.
This was with the PRTA
It was announced (at the following AGM) that I would be a member of the committee. Remember, The GREEN DRAGON, toy, I took, to Gambia, that was for these
(photos of him can be seen on Flickr )

Towy Boat Club meeting (Tuesday) was well attended. A very interesting meeting.
The sewage, in the Towy Estruary, is a MAJOR concern.
Again, it is making the newspapers This on going problem, gives me a BIG decision, to make, “to sail or not to sail”, in the Towy, one I am not going to take lightly

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