Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Here we are Part 1 of 2

I have been so busy, in the last few weeks, I have neglected my BLOG.
To bring it up to date, I will write two entries. Part one, for the weeks longest ago, Part 2 for the last few days / week.

Attended meetings in County Hall, Carmarthen and Llanboidy Social club also at Towy Boat Club.
Design posters for Llanboidy Sports plus the judging of the carnival Queen, plus make up some for Towy Boat Club (not finished, yet).
I have managed to wash the car (don’t know why? As it rains within a day!)
Very “Wobbly” mow the lawn. Use the shredder in the garden, to get rid of some small branches, lying on the grass.
Managed to have major computer trouble resulting in a re-install of the printer and the scanner.
Bought a new bouncy aid (I have put on weight, due to sitting at the computer!!!) ready for use sailing and Kayaking, which came onWednesday 23-7-08, so HAD to go to Amroth to try it out !!

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