Monday, August 11, 2008



This weather, is getting very monotonous. “The Great English Summer” Where`s that then ???

A meeting of the PRTA on Monday evening (4-8-08)

Towy Boat Club meeting, on the Wednesday where we Announced that the Towy Boat Club - Open Day – Saturday 30th August 2008.

Coleshill on Friday, Tried to sort a few things in the IT suite.
Then, in the evening went to Llanboidy Tug of War Open Evening.
Between these fitting in a daily routine, going to the gym, designing and printing posters for various local events.
Working out (precise) travel arrangements to the Ataxia UK Conference, held at SAS Radison Hotel , Stansted Airport, on October 11th.
All this, as well as CHATTING to ALL my friends on the internet.

Saturday, the weather was terrible.
I went TBC (Towy Boat Club), where a sailing race was going to be held, but due to the weather, visibility was very poor, so the race was called OFF.
Some boats (4) Braved the sea, and went out for a brief sail, under the watchful eye of the safety boat, and within a short distance, of the clubhouse.
On my way home, I called in at TESCO (Carmarthen) the store was very busy, and the car park was FULL, another result, of the weather !!!.
TBC, again Sunday. Photo
Video clip
“Wisp” (my Challenger Trimaran or ) was taken to the slipway, ready, for me to rig.
I waited for the “race” sailors to start, and make sure I wouldn’t be in the way !!.
I thought the route was clear, for me to sail in the same direction,(towards the mouth of the estuary)
I was told NOT to go that way, but what did I do???
Very sorry, for not listening, to Brian or Ffiona.

A good, and WET sail, which washed me up on the MUD, just before Ferryside. Very embarrassing, as I knew that everyone in the clubhouse was watching !!!.
I tried to turn the boat in to the wind, by using my paddle as a lever, in the mud – the wind and water were not “letting me go”.
I tried using a driftwood branch, for extra leverage, but no joy.
What seemed like an hour a gentleman, from the safety crew came to help, and got me afloat again, THANK YOU and THANK YOU to Ffiona who had to wade across, to me.
GO BACK GO BACK !! was the instruction, which I listened to!!
A wet sail, back towards the clubhouse. After the slipway was clear, I managed to “disembark” with help from Colin THANK YOU.
After de rigging and changing, warm, tea and Beefburgers, in the clubhouse, were very welcome, by me and other sailors.
Quite a few comments on my misfortune, were noted, and I am not going to forget, that in a hurry. So I will learn by my mistakes and do as I am told !!!!!

Home to join in with the CHAT session, we have on Sunday`s, with other Ataxians.

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