Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Time - Age Defying- TBC Open day - Cinema

Time has been flying by ??

Went with Jason (nephew) and his mum, to Univercity Hospital in Cardiff, for, Jason, to have a scan. (to check on the progession of Neurofibromatosis)
South Wales Ataxia,, meeting on (Thursday 21-8-08) at Dylan Thomas restaurant, LLansamlet, Swansea.

Llanboidy Carnival, on Saturday ( where I was one of the judges) on Saturday (23-8-08) photos on

Inbetween, updating Colesill website
attending meetings for (which is to place a mini bus in Llanboidy (6 month trial).
Towy boat Club Open Day 30-8-08
Sports & Social Club. Going to the gym ( where I was asked my age, because there has been some speculation, about how old I was, alot of people had decided that I was in my 20``s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been having alot of trouble with my address book, in outlook Express, sending emails, and dont get notified of there "return" for along while later ??

Been invited to a book launch, at Southampton Boat Show, he book has been written by Geoff Holt the "round Britian (Disabled) Sailor.

also took Jason to see 2 films, at cinema in Cardigan saw and

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