Saturday, September 06, 2008


Rain Rain, SUN for Open Day, Rain Rain then more Rain

Towy Boat Cub Open Day 30th August.

The weather was FABULOUS (probably our Summer/Autumn.

Took Jason (nephew) with us, we all had plenty of fun, went on some boat rides , Jason went on most of them he had a great day, and made some friends.

A good turn out, from the public, there were stalls (selling many an item, from plants, books, marine items) and a stand from the Coastguard plus RNLI merchandise, teas and cakes, crafts and a BAR.

Monday attended a meeting in County Hall
Tuesday evening was a Community Council meeting

Wednesday was a meeting/seminar for PRTA (Green Dragon Bus) and afterwards I managed to see Edge of Love- some scenes were filmed in Cardigan. (all this day was spent in Theatr Mwldan
Thursday spent some time on the NEW route for the Green Dragon Connect Bus

Then Friday.. you know the drill “SCHOOL” The website is getting organised, taking more time than I like, but HEY

Towy Boat Club “work Day” spent the morning sorting out the books and magazines, that have accumulated, on the bookshelf

Next weekend a few days will be spent at the boat show in Southampton where I have been invited to a BOOK launch by Geoff Holt his book mentions ME during his Sail around Wales, and also the support he found in TWO of his followers JULIET PRENTICE (from Devon) and Me (from Wales) He has sent a signed copy of
The book to me. It was very emotional to read his recollections.

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