Tuesday, October 07, 2008


JOBSWORTH !!!!!!!!!!!!! (or me on my SOAPBOX??)

Travelling by train, with a friend, to Stansted Airport. My friend booked tickets a few days before me. They sent me their travel ittinery, which I printed out, and took to the station, to assist, booking tickets, of the same journey.
Last week, I checked the tickets, the return journey was wrong !!!.

I went to the station, who insisted, that because they were advance tickets, they were non refundable and could NOT be changed, plus the (later) train I wanted to go on, was fully booked.
But if I wanted to go on this (later) train it would cost me an extra £60 (even though it was FULLY booked ??

I came home and rang the assistance help line, I explained,, and the reply was “why wasn’t an OPEN ticket issued?” and told me to go back to the station and insist that they change it. As they were aware of the travel requirements.

Today I went to the ticket office, in the station, the same counter operator, who booked the tickets, was NOT going to make any adjustments, to the tickets, unless I bought NEW tickets (and pay the second time) !!!

After a while, they walked off and I could hear them talking on the phone (inaudibly). They came back (without a word) and started “BANGING” the keyboard.
After a long silence, was told “there you are Make sure you are on the proper train and next time book the correct one in the first place”

What happened to an apology ???
Didn’t I give the proper information, to start with ???

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