Monday, October 06, 2008


Meetings---CHAT--Wheely Wobbly Walk--

Ok, haven’t had time to update, my BLOG, as much, recently, Apologies.
Been attending, a lot of (important) meetings at Coleshill (as well as updating, the website)

As well as other meetings at County Hall, Carmarthen.

Managed to get a sail at the Boat club

Many a friend has been made, via our Ataxia (Virtual Branch) CHAT meetings plus many of us CHAT to each other via MSN, a lot of us “CHATTERs” are going to the Ataxia UK conference, in Stanstead (this weekend) WOO HOO WOO HOO.

Friday 26-9-08, went to receive a cheque, from the Llanboidy Darts team, who raised funds, that was, equally, divided between Arthritis Care and Ataxia UK South Wales Branch.

Saturday 4-10-08 picked up Jason, on the way to Carmarthen train station, to query my journey tickets, for the trip to the conference

While we waited, in the queue, which was very “still” we decided to get on a train, too Cardiff !!!!
There was a large football match, taking place, in Swansea, which meant the train was full, and even more passengers got on, along the way, my our “cramped” space, on the train, was by the EXIT door, with people holding on to everyone else, for balance (I HAD A SEAT !!!).
Once in Cardiff, we decided to go to the cinema, to see if there was anything we could watch. We settled on Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging a funny film, TEENAGERS can relate to all the items, in the film.
Plus Angus (the cat) must be in THERAPY, now!!!

Sunday 5-10-08 South Wales Ataxia, “WHEELY WOBBLY WALK” Mumbles, Swansea.

Keep an eye out for a photo in the Carmarthen Journal. A photographer, from the PRESS, was there to “see us at the start”
A GREAT, afternoon. Weather was good, dry, with a COLD wind, but it was very enjoyable, we collected a fair amount of money (collection tin, money, to be counted and confirmed) plus all the sponsor moneys, will get collected.
At the end, of the walk, we had a lovely meal, at the Woodmans pub/restaurant.
All members must THANK, the chairwoman, for the arrangements.

WOO HOO WOO HOO conny conny conny this weekend.
Photos on flickr

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